Annual Book Sale is nearly here!

posted Aug 4, 2011, 10:42 AM by BHML Librarian   [ updated Aug 4, 2011, 12:07 PM ]
The third annual Ruth Moore Days took place in mid-July and we had a nice turnout. All of the events were enjoyable and informative.We read High Clouds Soaring, Storms Driving Low, The Letters of Ruth Moore, edited by Sanford Phippen. Candice Stover, a lecturer at College of the Atlantic,  led a discussion of her letters and life.  A documentary based on her life entitled "I Have Seen Horizons" directed by Maine filmmaker  Hollis Haywood, was introduced by University of Maine professor Sanford Phippen. Her birthday was celebrated with a discussion of the 'Lady Carpenters', Ruth and her companion and fellow writer  Eleanor Mayo. This was led by Ruth's grandnephew Sven Davisson. Perhaps the most special event was a tour of the home that she and Eleanor built. Many of her family members were on hand to lead the tour through various parts of the property. Viewing the space where she spent so many years led to a much more vivid understanding of the writer. Special thanks go to all the participants, especially the many family members who made the house tour so personal.

Art Camp, led by BHML Board Member Kathie Pratt, was completed the last week of July. This year's theme was "surrounded by water" and the campers spent a week artistically exploring the different aspects of water. There was a presentation of their work at the end of the week. Much of that artwork is on display in the back room of the library through the month of August, so make it a point to congratulate these young artists when you see them. (The front room August Artist is Art Paine, whose subjects also often feature water.)

With these two summer activities behind us, the library is  now focusing on the Annual Book Sale. This big event is scheduled for the weekend of August 13th and 14th. Besides a large selection of hardcover and paperback books, we also have a baked goods sale and a White Elephant sale. The raffle has many prizes from local merchants such as gift certificates and products from Hamilton Marine, Thurston's Lobster Pound, Seawall Drive-In, XYZ Mexican Restaurant, Sip's, Gott's Store, Sargasso Salon, Manset Little Farm, Under the Dogwood Tree, Seal Cove Auto Museum. Other prizes include 10# of lobsters, signed and matted large photos, a signed copy of a Sanford Phippen book. When the raffle prizes are drawn at noon on Sunday, if the winners are present,they can chose their prize, so it is worth being at the library then! Good luck to all and a big thank you to area merchants! We hope to have many book lovers at our big sale!